Social Emotional Learning (November 4th)

Good morning Boren Bears. This is your friendly Enrichment team with a few words of wisdom. 

Have you ever turned in a project late because you forgot when it was due? Ever lost your homework somewhere in your messy room or desk Forgotten a permission slip that was stuffed into the bottom of your backpack?

Well, listen up! Here's something important to know:

Learning how to stay organized is an important key to success in school.

Why? Because you'll know when assignments are due and where to find them. You'll finish projects faster because you won't spend so much time looking for things, and you'll make better grades because you turned things in on time.

Keeping up with all the stuff of life isn't always easy. Ask your parents or your teacher to give you some tips. Remember, learning to stay organized is a skill that will help you be more successful at school.

With something to think about, this is your friendly Enrichment team. Make it a great day, or not...the choice is yours.