Social Emotional Learning (Dec 7th)

Just For You
A Hard Job

"The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any."
~ Fred Astaire

We forget that the very purpose of good manners is to avoid hurt feelings. So how do we convince this generation of the importance of good manners? So much of what they see day after day on television and social media represents disrespectful, uncivil, and even vulgar behaviors. This type of conduct will inevitably prove hurtful to them and to others.

As educators, we cannot control a student's exposure outside of school, but we can create a classroom where manners are taught, emphasized, and modeled. We can provide lessons and examples they can draw upon when they leave us. We can remind them that the purpose of being well-mannered is to avoid hurting others.

With something to think about . . .This is your friendly Enrichment team with a few words of wisdom. Make it a great day...or not, the choice is yours.