Kindergarten Awards and Program Update
Kindergarten Awards Update

We have been advertising the kindergarten program for this Thursday at 9:00 am. Unfortunately, the wonderful Mrs. Carney, who has put the program together, is out sick. We do NOT want to cancel the performance and have been wracking our brains to find the best possible solution for this dilemma.


Many parents have already taken the day off for their children's end-of-year party on Thursday, May 26th. We know how hard it is to get off work, so we are moving the performance to Thursday, May 26th as well. The program will begin promptly at 8:30am to not interfere with the end-of-year 4th grade party that begins at 9:00am.


If you are a parent of a fourth-grade student, you will leave the performance and go straight to your child's party that begins at 9:00am; no need to get a new badge. If your child is not in fourth grade, we hope to see you back at school for our kindergarten party at 11:00.


We apologize for the last-minute change and sincerelyappreciate your understanding and support. We hope to see you on Thursday, May 26th, at 8:30am as the kids shine on the stage.


***Awards will remain this Thursday at 9:00am. Go straight to your child’s class instead of the cafeteria. ***