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Its Springtime! Which means we are preparing for the upcoming the 2021-2022 school year and electing new PTA officers. We hope you will considering volunteering in our dynamic PTA as we continue to make Boren an amazing school for our children. Below are three different ways to serve: in an Elected Officer Position, Stand Committee Chair Person, or as a Committee Volunteer.

Below is a list of the 2021-2022 Officer Positions (this list is different from past years due to new Standing Rules and Bylaws changes). Each VP position listed is to be a Committee Chair, meaning that there will be a committee of volunteers to help with the position duties.

 If you would like to serve in a position below, you must complete the Nominating & Volunteer Form (QR code on back) to nominate yourself for the desired position NO LATER THAN MARCH 31ST.

  • President
  • 1VP – Membership (Serves as Membership Committee Chair; Facilitates membership campaigns, manages membership list)
  • 2nd VP – Fundraising (Serves as Fundraising Committee Chair to facilitate fundraisers such as Fun Runs, Birthday Posters, Val-O-Grams, etc.)
  • 3rd VP – Staff Support (Previously Teacher Appreciation - Serves as Staff Support Committee Chair; Facilitates staff/teacher luncheons, appreciation, Lunch Bunch Volunteers)
  • 4th VP – Communication (Serves as Communication Committee Chair; Manages communication between teachers, school, parents, through Social Media, Website, Newsletters, Marquee, Yearbook, etc.)  Secretary (Take notes at meetings, Record Keeping, etc.)
  • Treasurer (Manages financial records, bank deposits, money collection, etc.)

Below is a list of the Standing Committee Chair Positions for the PTA board. Each of the standing committees below will work with a team to fulfil their responsibilities.

 If you would like to serve as a Standing Committee Chair, please complete the Nomination & Volunteer Form (QR code on back).

  • Parliamentarian (Considered an Officer, but is not elected. Aids President with parliamentary procedure for meetings and helps the Board with understanding of the Bylaws/Standing Rules.)
  • Student Outreach Chair (Reflections, Programs, Awards/Recognition)
  • Dad's Club Chair (Dads and Doors, On campus family activities)
  • Book Fair Chair (Plan and Run two Book fairs.)
  • Holiday Store Chair (Plan and Run the Holiday Store.)
  • Community Liaison Chair (MISD Clothes Closet)
  • School Spirit Chair (Spirit Nights and Spirit Wear)
  • Parent Volunteers/Room Rep Chair (Gather Teachers Favorites list, Manage Parent Volunteers)
  • Historian (Scrapbook of the PTA Year) 

Each of the VP Committees & Standing Committees listed above will need volunteers! Below is a quick glance at the PTA committees.

If you would like to serve as a volunteer on one or more committees, please complete the Nomination & Volunteer Form to let us know your willingness to volunteer. (QR code below)

  • Membership Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Staff Support Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • Student Outreach Committee
  • Dad's Club Committee  
  • Book Fair Committee
  • Holiday Store Committee
  • Community Liaison Committee
  • School Spirit Committee
  • Parent Volunteers/Room Rep Committee 

QR CODE: Please scan this code to access the Nominating & Volunteer Form.   

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Thank you for being willing to serve!!!