Clubs listed below are for the 2019 first semester clubs.

Kindergarten Clubs

All Kinder Clubs are on Fridays from 2:10-3:10 p.m. There were 6 days for 1st & 2nd semester in which the Kindergarten and First graders participate in a club. They stay in their Homeroom classrooms for clubs.

Construction Club- This club is a Lego club in which students are allowed to creatively build. This club is headed by Sam Pettit.

Crafts with Kline- Brenda Kline will be doing fun and amazing crafts with her Kindergarten club.

Moving & Grooving Club- Chris Fraser heads up a fitness club to keep her little ones healthy and moving.

Puzzle Club- Tammy Nicolas has her club put puzzles together to keep their minds sharp.

Kindness Club- Chaneera Francis is heading up the Kindness club. They create kind notes and place them on people's cars, they make cards and more to show their Kindness. 

First Grade

First Grade clubs are on Fridays from 2:10-3:10 p.m. There are 6 days for 1st & 2nd semester that the students participate in their clubs. 1st Graders stayed in their classrooms on the First Grade hall for club time. 

Kristen Wetzel holds Brain Booster club. In this club they do brain teasers, iSpy fun, and things that keeps their brains sharp.

Jennifer Pellham has a Happy Feet Club. Students in this club move and groove to great music. 

Calina Vacca has started a Creative Writers Club. In this club they are given a topic and they creatively write on that prompt.

Jodie Riles heads up our Engineering Club. Students use Lego materials to creatively build and have fun. 

Cassidy Waybourn is leader of the Coloring Club. This club has fun coloring their world happy.

2-4th Grade Level Clubs

All 2-4th grade clubs are on Fridays from 2:10-3:10 p.m. There are 6 days for 1st & 2nd semester in which 2-4th graders attend and participate in these clubs.

Lovey Turner and Laura Caldwell head up our Amazing Animals club. Each week they discuss animals and fun facts about them.

Katie Carney and Kacie Brown is having fun with her Bear Beats club. These kids get to learn about different beats with different instruments and they get to learn a song to play, which is usually part of the talent show or a music program as well. 

Kristy Moore and Casey Lambert are the leaders of the Chess Club. Students get to learn the rules of the game and play chess with their club friends.

Kim Forbes and Cheryl Wisch are our head chefs for Cooking Club. These kids get to go into the kitchen at Boren and follow a recipe to make something yummy & delicious. They get to eat their creations!

The Crafting Club is lead by Melissa Frazier and Amber Cloud. These students get to create seasonal and non seasonal crafts that they get to take home when finished. 

Our Genius Hour club is held by Rebecca Martini and Kelley Rudd. These kids work with UIL material and then showcase their work to their parents during an evening with Genius hour.

Eryn Kriewall is having a blast in the Glow Art club. Students take glow paint and create a masterpiece each week to take home when finished.

The Coach of Hoops Club is Gary Brown. He teachers the basics of basketball and the kids get to play games with one another.

The Junior Bears Club is a camping club lead by Ranger Stephanie Moreno. Students in her club will know how to  pitch a tent, safety while camping, knots for fishing and crafts, animals & their tracks, snakes and plants to be aware of, hiking and nature, Geocaching, small survival skills and basic camping rituals.(How to make a s'mores)

Kate Hubbard, Kelly DeSanto, and Amanda Fyfe are the teachers of our Kindness Club. Students create notes, cards, and crafts to show their kindness and appreciation and then give to the teachers at Boren.

The Lego Club is held by Paula Knatt, Jill Montgomery, and Ashley Harris. Kids get to be creative with Lego pieces and build what their imagination leads them to. 

The Multicultural Club is a club that learns about different cultures and different people. They learn about history, culture and more. This club is headed up by Kelly Binz and Brenda McMullan.

The Shark Club is an exciting, yet dangerous club. Our shark experts that lead the expeditions are Lisa Gonzalez and Rob Austin. If the activity has anything to do with sharks, this club is there.

Soccer Club is held by Coach Adam Gaston and Coach Taylor Avery. They teach the fundamentals of soccer and then the students get to have a soccer match.